The recommended connection needed to stream video from companies like Netflix or YouTube are:


  • 1.5 Mb/s for viewing standard definition on a laptop computer. While you can stream Netflix at speeds of 1 Mb/s, the quality will be grainy on a large screen, much like watching an old VHS movie
  • 3 Mb/s for viewing standard definition video (480p) on a TV
  • 5 Mb/s for viewing high-def video (720p, 1080p)
  • 25 Mb/s for 4K streaming


  • 1.5 Mb/s to stream standard definition content
  • 3 Mb/s for 720p high-def videos
  • 6 Mb/s to stream 1080p HD content
  • 13 Mb/s for 4K Ultra HD videos

Amazon Video:

  • 1 Mb/s to stream standard definition content
  • 3.5 Mb/s to stream HD content (720p/1080p)
  • 15 Mb/s for 4K Ultra HD videos

iTunes Video

  • 2.5 Mb/s to stream standard defintion (480p) content.
  • 6 Mb/s to stream 720p HD content.
  • 8 Mb/s to stream 1080p HD content.
  • 25 Mb/s to stream 4k Ultra HD content.


  • 2.5 Mb/s to stream 720p HD content.
  • 4 Mb/s to stream 1080p HD content.
  • 15 Mb/s to stream 4K Ultra HD content.

NOTE: Values are per stream

ADSL is an acronym for Asymmetrical Digital Subscriber Line. ADSL is a technology that allows information to be transmitted on a telephone line at very high speeds. ADSL can serve as a replacement for dial-up Internet access services.


Cable Internet is a technology that allows information to be transmitted via coaxial cable at very high speeds.


With speeds of up to 100 megabits per second, you can experience the Internet as you’ve always imagined it. You’ll be able to blaze through high-bandwidth, graphics-intensive sites, watch live video, download or stream movies on your computer, tablet or phone.

But there’s a lot more to the service than speed:

  • The dedicated, “always on” connection means no more waiting and no more busy signals. You’ll never need to dial in again.
  • Our authorized Nucleus representatives will professionally install the service.
  • Your Nucleus account gives you email addresses and homepage space for the whole family or business.

Nucleus provides great customer service and technical support–everything you expect from a market leader in Internet access.


Nucleus is delivering a number of advanced new services to enhance your Internet experience. These next-generation technologies (such as ADSL) offer greatly-improved speeds over traditional analog Internet connections so you can quickly access high-bandwidth applications and content.


From a practical standpoint, DSL is delivered over the telephony infrastructure and Cable is delivered over the coaxial infrastructure. DSL is delivered on a dedicated connection to your home or business and speeds will not be affected by the usage of your “neighbours”. Cable speeds, conversely, can be affected by the usage of others on your same node as this service is truncated.


The current DSL modems that Nucleus is issuing are the Ovislink model OV303r2 and Ovislink modem OV604. If you purchase this modem from anyone other than Nucleus, it must to be programmed by one of our technicians. This will allow us to communicate with the modem and better troubleshoot any issues that may arise. Other DSL modems that are currently supported include:

  • D-Link 300i
  • Linksys ADSLME3
  • Comtrend CT-5621 ADSL2
  • Comtrend CT-5071 ADSL2
  • Comtrend CT-5071T ADSL2
  • Speed Touch 516

The current Cable modems that Nucleus is issuing are the Cisco DPQ2160 (DOCSIS 2) and the Thomson DCM475 (DOCSIS 3). Other Cable modems that are currently supported include:

  • Motorola SB5101 (DOCSIS 2)
  • Motorola SB5102 (DOCSIS 2)
  • Motorola SB6120 (DOCSIS 3)


No. There are no limits on time online. You can stay connected 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


No. Because this is a dedicated service from your home or business to Nucleus, you will never receive a busy signal.


DSL technology is dependent on cable length from your home or business to the Telus Central Office. The longer the cable, the slower speed you will receive. Please contact us to qualify your line or address to provide a better estimate of what speeds you can expect on DSL.

Cable technology depends on the package you chose and isn’t limited by distance. Cable internet speeds can be affected by the usage on your node by other customers.


No special software is required for your high speed access. All operating systems on the market today have networking software built in. Our tech support team is available to help you configure your device.


Possibly. As long as the modem is approved by Nucleus, you may be able to use your DSL or Cable modem. Please contact Nucleus for more information.


No. Nucleus High Speed Internet rides above your current telephone line and is invisible to anyone calling from your line or into your line. You will never receive a busy signal when using the Internet.


While there is no requirement to sign a contract, discounts on service fees are available to those willing to sign a one-year contract.


All High Speed Internet access services from Nucleus do include IP’s. The number of IP’s given is depended on the service you purchase. Please see the DSL plans for more information.


Yes. Wherever you would like Nucleus to install DSL High Speed Internet access, this will require access to free pair of telephone wire. Nucleus can make arrangements for this at an additional cost.

Cable internet does not require access to a phone line.


Yes. With the a router you can connect as many devices as your router can handle. Most Wi-Fi routers can handle dozens of wireless connections.


The install fee covers the installation of the modem and connection to a router or 1 computer. Most customers purchase a router to connect additional devices. We do not charge for the use of additional devices. Should you require Nucleus to do additional wiring, fees would apply. Contact us for more information.


Yes and No. As long as there is an active telephone jack in the room you are moving to, DSL internet can be moved into this address. Conversely, as long as there is an active Cable jack, Cable internet can be moved into the new room. If you have DSL on dry copper, additional wiring may be necessary.


Yes. You can purchase as many mailboxes as you would like. Please call for current pricing.


The home and business packages do NOT allow users to run servers, by default. The Business packages can have Static IP’s purchased and added if you would like to run servers.


Yes. Telephone and email technical support is still provided to you for all your Internet questions.


Yes. However Nucleus does not install or give technical support for these operating systems.