If you encounter errors when attempting to connect to Nucleus via Dial Up, you may want to give some of these solutions a shot:

  • Make sure that you have a phone line running from the phone jack in the wall into your dial up modem.
  • Make sure that the phone jack you are plugged into has a dial tone.
  • If you have an external modem, please ensure that the power light is on.
  • Check under the windows device manager to make sure that your modem/drivers are installed correctly. If you see a red ‘x’ or a yellow triangle with an ‘!’ or ‘?’ inside it, there is some type of hardware/driver conflict that is preventing a device from operating properly.
  • Double check that your username and password are correct. Remember, your password is case sensitive (eg. N and n are not the same thing as far as your password is concerned).
  • Verify that you are using the correct access phone number.
  • If you have call waiting/voicemail, please enter “*70,” (without the quotes) before the dial up phone number and this will disable those features for that call.
  • Reboot your computer and try dialing up again.

Common Error Codes

Error 676 – The Line is Busy : Please ensure you are dialing the correct phone number as you should never hear a busy signal when connecting to nucleus.

Error 678 – There is no answer : Please ensure that you are dialing the correct phone number, reboot your computer and attempt to dial up again.

Error 680 – No Dial tone : Check that the phone jack has a dial tone (just plug a handset into it).

Error 691 – Invalid Username or Password : Blank out the username and password fields and reenter your logon information.

Error 777 – The connection attempt failed because the modem on the remote computer is out of order : Make sure no other software is using the modem while you are trying to connect. Reboot and try dialing up again. If all else fails, try reinstalling the modem.