Nucleus offers a complete portfolio of tools and service to design and build your personal or companies website. From building a custom dynamic website from the ground up, to utilizing a content management system like WordPress, Nucleus will work with you every step of the way to deploy the website of your dreams.


Website Design

A website developed by our team is built from an advertising/marketing perspective first, graphic development second and programming third. This process ensures your website will be demographically aimed with precision.

Here at Nucleus we can attempt to fit a design solution to your budget, and typically quote on a complete package basis;  however, if you prefer an hourly rate, our rate is very competitive regardless of the content or task – and we can get a lot done in an hour! Of course, we will still estimate every project before we begin and keep you informed throughout the process.

Nucleus also offers template driven design solutions to save you time and money when launching a new or redesigned website. The biggest difference here is that we can eliminate the costs of designing a template specifically for you.

Website design projects will be quoted based on $100/hour web consulting rate. Payment plans are available. For more information or to book an appointment with our developer please contact us

Example of our work, visit



Website Maintenance

Ever sit in a Doctor’s office and find the reading material a little outdated? Almost everyone has had this experience. Have you noticed that a large portion of the websites on the Net have this same outdated quality?  Don’t let your website become like the magazines in a Doctor’s office. Nucleus offers regular updates and maintenance for an inexpensive fee. And if you are feeling like it is time for a redesign, not unlike redesigning your corporate brochure, we can quote on that too!

Website Maintenance Rates:

Website maintenance is preformed at $100/hour min 1/2 hour. To get a quote or have work preformed on your website contact us.


Other maintenance services for websites hosted at Nucleus

Interested in making use of some or all of the features our hosting platform has to offer? Want to make sure you are getting the best performance out of your hosting plan? We can help!

Website optimization – one time – $50 – We will:
  • Test and Check your Websites PHP comparability and change your php version to the highest version your site will work with, without having to make code changes
  • Enable NGINX for static Content speeding up your website
  • Disable any unneeded logging
  • Make sure OPcache or XCache is enabled for your php website
  • Optimize your DNS zone file (if hosted with us)
  • If your website will work with it without any code changes we will adjust your PHP complier to PHP-FPM speeding up your website (we will convert .htacces to Nginx commands if needed)
  • Enable gzip to compress your websites data transfer delivering it to viewers faster
  • Enable static content caching for browsers
WordPress optimization – one time – $100
  • Includes website optimization
  • Install and enable the plugin to use Memcached with your WordPress
  • Install and enable and configure WordPress Cache Enabler plugin
  • Install and enable WordFence Free addition
WordPress Monitoring/Update Service: $5.00/month
  • This service includes the installation of the free WordPress plugin called WordFence. The Wordfence WordPress security plugin provides free enterprise-class WordPress security, protecting your website from hacks and malware. WordFence has the option of alerting you when any of your WordPress Themes, Plug-ins, Translations or the WordPress Core files themselves need to be updated. Keeping your themes, plugins and core WordPress files updated reduces the risk of hacking to your WordPress website. Although this helps protect your WordPress site it cannot be 100% guaranteed that your site will not be hacked or become compromised.
  • The WordPress Monitoring/Update Service only covers the updating of the WordPress Core files, themes, plugins and translations for your WordPress website. It does not include updating of regular content that may be added to the website itself. These type of updates would be charged under our usual rate of $100.00/hour + tax.


Website E-Commerce

E-commerce is essentially any financial transaction that takes place over the Internet. There are many ways of integrating this into your website ranging from simple systems that require a large amount of manual intervention to fully automatic credit card processing and order fulfillment.

With an SSL certificate installed on your website running on one of our Shared Cloud Hosting plans your website will meet PCI-DSS WAF compliance requirements.

For more information please contact us

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Small Print

- Plans and pricing is subject to change without notice.
- Prices do not include taxes.