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Is there anything worse than waiting? Nucleus High Speed Internet service makes your connection to the Internet faster than you thought possible. Whether you’re surfing, enjoying content-rich applications or online games, Nucleus High Speed Internet service enhances your Internet experience.
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Business Cable and Business DSL

Business Cable 30
Up to 30 Mbps download
Up to 5 Mbps upload
Unlimited bandwidth
20 @yourdomain Email accounts
Includes Hosting
Business Cable 60
Up to 60 Mbps download
Up to 6 Mbps upload
Unlimited bandwidth
35 @yourdomain Email accounts
Includes Hosting
NEW - Business Cable 150
Up to 150 Mbps download
Up to 15 Mbps upload
Unlimited bandwidth
35 @yourdomain Email accounts
Includes Hosting
Business DSL 6
Up to 6 Mbps download
Up to 1 Mbps upload
Unlimited bandwidth
10 @yourdomain Email accounts
Includes Hosting
Business DSL 15
Up to 15 Mbps download
Up to 1 Mbps upload
Unlimited bandwidth
15 @yourdomain Email accounts
Includes Hosting
Business DSL 25
Up to 25 Mbps download
Up to 5 Mbps upload
Unlimited bandwidth
15 @yourdomain Email accounts
Includes Hosting



Fiber Internet

Blazing fast dedicated 10,100,1000 Mb/s service!
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Room to Grow

As your business grows, so does your dependency on reliable access to real-time information and online business applications. The Nucleus Ethernet Access Service (EAS) offers incredibly fast, reliable and cost-effective access for your business.

Our broad Ethernet Services portfolio is designed for your growth with global network reach and metro depth. Whether you require public, private, switched Ethernet, metro Ethernet, long-haul Ethernet, point-to-point, or multi-point-to-multi-point Ethernet access, your business will find us in the right locations.

Technology Going to Work for You

Nucleus gives you enhanced control of your applications. With Nucleus carrier Ethernet technology, you have access to one of the widest range of speeds possible, with extensive bandwidth configurations (10 Mbps to 10 Gbps). For those needing more granular bandwidth options, we have VPN services supporting 10/100Mbps and 1 GigE. Ethernet Private Line services support 10/100Mbps and 1 GigE connections.

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  • Dedicated Access

    Dedicated Access

    Dedicated Access

    The Nucleus commitment to quality and service sets the standard for business Internet connectivity. Nucleus offers Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) options available in a wide range of speeds and access methods. Combine this flexibility with features like a redundant and scalable infrastructure, DNS resolution with 24-hour monitoring and support, high-bandwidth transport services, and you’ve got everything your business needs to deliver a quality Web experience to customers, employees and business partners.

    High-Performance Internet Access

    The Internet. Your applications need the bandwidth. Your customers, suppliers, and employees need the communications capabilities. And your business needs to leverage the cost efficiencies. Nucleus Dedicated Internet Access is your key to connecting to the public Internet seamlessly and securely.

    Superior Inter-connectivity

    When your business accesses our backbone, you’re entering one of the largest networks on the global Internet.

    You may be a small company looking to connect internal users. Or you might be an Internet service provider, content provider, or international corporation seeking global connections on a larger scale. Either way, you can cover all your Internet connectivity needs through Nucleus DIA.

    Dedicated Internet Service Details
    • Ultimate flexibility to choose the bandwidth that fits your needs, from 10 Mbps to OC-48, as well as Fast Ethernet and Gigabit.
    • Count on superior performance backed by outstanding service level agreements
    • Receive 24/7 support from our Internet connectivity specialists
    • Authoritative domain name service and caching for your primary and secondary domains are included at no additional charge.
    Dedicated Internet Benefits
    • High-speed, high-quality, high-capacity Internet service


  • Fiber Internet Virtual Private LAN

    Fiber Internet Virtual Private LAN

    Fiber Internet Virtual Private LAN

    Collaboration is key in the information economy. Your employees need to share data and simultaneously work together in work group applications. The Nucleus VPLS offering, or Virtual Private LAN Service, is a Layer 2 Ethernet service that allows sites in different locations to easily interact over a wide area as part of a single meshed network.

    Nucleus provides the VPLS offering on our purpose built high speed network. The service allows you to fully control routing using class-of-service tagging. And because the service is Ethernet transparent, you can rely on VPLS to carry any type on Ethernet traffic; not just IP-based protocols.

    VPLS Service Details

    • Connectivity – Any-to-any connectivity enables maximum performance and value.
    • Security – Designed for privacy and security.
    • Flexible classes of service – Support your performance and optimize traffic handling.
    • Bandwidth – We support your needs for flexible bandwidth and CoS allocation per-port.
    • Speeds – Service is available at speeds ranging from 10Mbps up to Gigabit.
    • Access technologies – Multiple access technologies help maximize last-mile access utility.

    VPLS Benefits

    • Designed for Flexibility and Cost Effectiveness.



Redundant Bonded Internet

Looking for an affordable way of having a redundant internet connection?
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Sharedband is:

- Faster

– Faster

Sharedband increases your download and upload speeds, and also provides enhanced connectivity when working in multi-user environments. The resulting speed increase is comparable to solutions that cost 10 times more.

Increasing speed provides better quality VoIP and video conferencing services, and helps ensure that off-site data backups complete on time. Sharedband is an excellent solution for those who send large video, graphic, or image files. With both the downstream and upstream connections multiplied, businesses can better use their time and not have to wait as long for transfers to complete.


- More Reliable

– More Reliable

Many businesses rely on an Internet connection. A connection with guaranteed uptime is not always cost effective. Sharedband bridges the gap between a typical DSL or cable connection and expensive leased lines. This allows businesses to take advantage of greater uptime, resiliency, and reliability… and save money in the process.

For a remote video broadcast crew or video conferencing, the increased reliability provided by Sharedband is an extremely cost effective solution which produces a professional end result. Businesses that rarely rely on off-site employees to complete mission critical work will find Sharedband provides the required reliability.


- Expandable

– Expandable

Adding multiple connections is not only cost-effective, it’s easy. Sharedband can adapt to the demands of your business with nominal hardware costs. Sharedband can scale to increase capacity when the need arises, as well as scale back down to save costs

Part of the value of Sharedband is its ability to scale without complexity. Whether your business is looking to increase speed or reliability, the service easily scales to meet your needs.


- Simple

– Simple

Utilizing existing connections and readily available, inexpensive hardware, Sharedband makes it easy for you to increase your internet connection’s speed, reliability and quality. The service simplifies the process of making your internet connection meet the demands of your business.


View: Sharedband Bonded Internet Technical Overview

Sharedband Bonded Internet Technical Overview

Sharedband uses a variety of routers from consumer to commercial grade; one per line. The firmware comes pre-installed on your Sharedband supplied router. Once installed and configured, the routers collaborate over your Local Area Network (LAN) to manage the flow of data across your multiple Broadband connections.

Software hosted on the Sharedband servers combine the streams of data traversing the multiple Broadband connections and connect directly to the Internet with minimal added latency.

The software supports the vast majority of applications and networking protocols. With Nucleus, Sharedband will actually increase application performance as well as support additional networking protocols.

Sharedband is easy to use and is based on packet data transfers to ensure compatibility. Because the aggregation occurs at the IP layer, different ISPs and infrastructures can be used for each line (i.e. DSL, Fiber, Cable or even T1 connections) – this significantly improves resilience when compared to a single provider solution.

Your Network – Connect your computers, VoIP devices or other IP based hardware to any of the routers in your Local Area Network
Routers with Sharedband software – Connect up to four broadband connections. Each connection requires a dedicated router. Mix and match connections, choosing between different media (cable, DSL, fibre, etc), from Nucleus.
Your ISP – Cable, DSL, fibre, leased line or other broadband connection exchange.
Your Sharedband Service Provider – Aggregation servers in your region, combined with Sharedband Network Operations Center Software work with the firmware on your routers to bond connections and enhance connectivity.
The Internet




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Small Print

  • Plans and pricing is subject to change without notice.
  • Unlimited bandwidth is subject to our share fair policy.
  • Regional and location restrictions may apply.
  • DSL & Cable package changes are subject to a $25 change fee. Fee will be waived once in a 6-month period.
  • Prices do not include taxes.