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Powerful, Affordable, Easy to use Web Hosting
Starting at only $4.95/month

Nucleus offers you the technology, tools and support you need to easily build and manage your online presence. With our leading edge website hosting platforms or virtual private server offerings, you can deploy anything from a personal HTML page to a powerful content rich business website. If you need help deciding what plan is best for your needs, please contact us at 1-888-682-5387

From personal to large business websites, we can find a solution for you!


Shared Hosting

Looking for hosting to start a simple HTML website? Share photos with friends and family or maybe starting a business? Through our Shared hosting plans, Nucleus offers affordable access to the technology and tools you need to build and manage your online presence, easily.

Little Spot
15GB Disk Space
Unmetered Bandwidth
10 email accounts
WordPress Ready
Big Spot
35GB Disk Space
Unmetered Bandwidth
25 email accounts
WordPress Ready

For more information or to order, call us at 1-888-682-5387


Shared Cloud Hosting

Deploying a large dynamic website and expecting lots of traffic? Nucleus’s Shared Cloud Hosting offers access to more resources and features allowing your company to deploy quick responding and feature filled dynamic websites that can handle more visitors then a traditional Shared hosting plans.

Cloud Basic
20GB Disk Space
Unmetered Bandwidth
15 email accounts
WordPress Ready
99.95% up time
Cloud Advanced
35GB Disk Space
Unmetered Bandwidth
30 email accounts
WordPress Ready
99.95% up-time
Cloud Premier
50GB Disk Space
Unmetered Bandwidth
100 email accounts
WordPress Ready
99.95% up time

For more information or to order, call us at 1-888-682-5387


Shared vs Shared Cloud

Wondering what the differences are between our “Shared” and “Shared Cloud” plans?

 Shared HostingShared Cloud Hosting
PriceStarting at $4.95/moStarting at $14.95/mo
InfrastructureVirtozzo VPS via GravityCube (East)VMware VM (West)
XEN VM (East)
StorageSoftware defined storage, with SSDs for read and write cachingPowerful hardware SANs with large dedicated write cashes, SAS drives, and SSDs for read cashes
Operating SystemCloudLinux Featuring LVE (lightweight virtual enviroment) containersCloudLinux Featuring LVE (lightweight virtual enviroment) containers
Resources RestrictionsCPU, Memory, IO, processes, and network bandwidthYou get much more CPU, Memory, IO and network bandwidth for your website then Shared Hosting makes available to you
Concurrent Connections15-2525-50
Dedicated MySQL Server Cluster
Large RAM based file cash on each serversLarge file cache on each server allows more commonly accessed files to stay in memory, spending less time reading from physical disks.
Windows hosting available
Daily backup included and does not count against your disk space
Daily off site backup included
Daily Virtual Machine Snapshots
Daily Virtual Machine replication
Daily VPS backup
High availability
IPv6 IP Address
Max sent emails per domain200 per hour500 per hour
Max sent emails per email account50 per hour150 per hour
Max email message size10MB25MB
Max IMAP connections per IP25100
Web Application FirewallBasicEnhanced
Guaranteed Uptime99.9%99.95%



Cloud Server Hosting

Need your own space? Outgrowing your Shared Hosting plans? Give us a call at 1-888-682-5387 to get your own Cloud Server, up running on a VPS powered by GravityCube.

WordPress Server
Your own VPS powered by GravityCube & Plesk
50GB of Disk Space
Unmetered Bandwidth
Unlimited email accounts
10 websites
SMB Server
Your own VPS powered by GravityCube & Plesk
50GB of Disk Space
Unmetered Bandwidth
10 business email accounts with collaboration
10 websites
Business Server
Your own VPS powered by GravityCube & Plesk
100GB of Disk Space
Unmetered Bandwidth
50 business email accounts with collaboration
30 websites

Custom VPS options also available, call us at 1-888-682-5387


Website Builder

You don’t need to know HTML to have a great looking website, Nucleus SmartSites Website Builder is here to help!

Are you in need of a website but don’t have the skills to write your own? With the Nucleus SmartSites website Builder you don’t need to know how to write code for a website! Our Website Builder can guide you so you can get up and running right away and get back to what you do know what to do, running your business or spending time with your family!

Smart Little Builder
10GB of Disk Space
Unmetered Bandwidth
10 email accounts
Access to hundreds of templates
Mobile friendly
Includes Website Builder
Smart Big Builder
25GB of Disk Space
Unmetered Bandwidth
20 email accounts
Access to hundreds of templates
Mobile friendly
Includes Website Builder

For more information or to order, call us at 1-888-682-5387


Virtual Private Severs

GravityCube Virtual Private servers, or VPS’s, can scale as your application or websites grow over time without requiring a reboot or reinstall. All GravityCube products come with full root access, “Power Panel” access, and offer a high level of redundancy and resiliency! Sign up today by calling 1-888-682-5387 and get the feeling of a dedicated server without the expense!


As you grow your VPS can scale and grow with you by dynamically adding Compute, Memory, and Disk to your enviroment.


Our VPS service runs on a Cloud Storage cluster providing an extremely high server, network, and disk fault tolerance. For extra protection, High availability failover for your VPS is available as an add-on.


We offer both “fully managed” and “monitoring only” VPS add-on plans to help you with your VPS enviroment. With “fully managed” we take care of monitoring, checking for and applying OS updates monthly, assistance with just about any issue or configuration request you may have, outside of custom software/script installations, and include one support ticket a month.


VPS Plans

Cube10 - $19.95/mo1vcpu20GB Disk512MB RAM256MB Swap
Cube50 - $29.95/mo1vcpu40GB Disk512MB RAM512MB Swap
Cube100 - $44.95/mo2vcpu80GB Disk1GB RAM1GB Swap
Cube150 - $54.95/mo2vcpu80GB Disk2GB Ram2GB Swap
Cube300 - $94.95/mo2vcpu100GB Disk2GB RAM4GB Swap
Cube450 - $164.95/mo3vcpu150GB Disk4GB RAM4GB Swap
Cube800 - $195.95/mo4vcpu250GB Disk4GB RAM4GB Swap

Host unlimited domains, unlimited Email accounts, and unlimited databases. Your virtual world is only limited to the size of your VPS plan. For more information on plans and pricing, call 1-888-682-5387


Domain Pointing

Domain pointing, or what is sometimes called domain redirecting, is a way of pointing traffic from a domain to a specif web page on a different domain.

Example: if you own domainB.tld and would like that pointed to a specific page on domainA.tld you would use this service

Domain Pointing – $39.95/year
  • Redirect a domain to a specific page on another domain you own.
  • Access to our hosting control panel.
  • You CAN add email accounts to this plan.
  • Website hosting not included

For more information or to order, call us at 1-888-682-5387


DNS Hosting

DNS hosting, is for hosting nothing more than your DNS zone file at Nucleus. With this service your domain will be manageable through our hosting control panel and distributed through our enhanced DNS server network.

DNS Hosting – $25.00/year
  • Host your DNS zone file.
  • Access to our hosting control panel to manage DNS
  • Website hosting not included

For more information or to order, call us at 1-888-682-5387


Email Hosting

All Email plans are charged by the number of email addresses you require and come with a mailbox size of 250MB.

Email Hosting Monthly Rates:
  • Single Email Address: $5.00
  • Bulk sold in increments of 10 only
    • 10 to 50 email addresses – $2.95/address
    • 51 to 100 email addresses – $2.50/address
    • 101 to 150 email addresses – $2.25/address
    • 151 to 200 email addresses – $2.00/address
    • 201 to 250 email addresses – $1.75/address
    • Over 251 email addresses – $1.50/address

Additional Email addresses can also be added to any hosting plan at the rates above. Size of your mailboxes maybe determined by your hosting plan.
For more information or to order, call us at 1-888-682-5387


Reseller Shared Cloud Hosting

Interested in becoming a hosting reseller? Call us at 1-888-682-5387 to get signed up today.

Our scaleable reseller hosting plans allow you to customize your own service plans and resell hosting services to your own clientele.

Reseller Basic
50GB Disk Space
1TB/mo Transfer
10 Customers
20 Databases
500 Email Addresses
Reseller Advanced
100GB Disk Space
2TB/mo Transfer
20 Customers
50 Databases
1000 Email Addresses
Reseller Premier
250GB Disk Space
Unlimited Transfer
50 Customers
200 Databases
Unlimited Email Addresses



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Small Print

  • Plans and pricing is subject to change without notice.
  • Prices do not include taxes.
  • Unmetered bandwidth is subject to our Fair Share policy
  • 30 day money back guarantee on all products. Only available to first time customers ordering there first hosting product with Nucleus. If you are not satisfied with the functionally of your hosting product Nucleus will provide a 30 day money back guarantee. The money back guarantee does NOT apply to speed and responsiveness of your hosting package as you may have the wrong plan for the website traffic and application requirements that you need.
  • Nucleus Hosting is a Self-managed environment that provides you with the tools to do almost everything yourself. In the event that you need support please contact us at [email protected]. Please note that charges may apply unless ruled as issue with hardware in the hosting cluster.
  • Nucleus Special Offers and Limited-Time Promotional Prices are available to new customers only and are only available for the initial first term.
  • Nucleus pricing discounts offered on long term initial sign ups or renewals for 3, 6, 12, 24, 36 months will be automatically renewed at their anniversary date. Changes to payment schedule could result in prorated pricing. Cancellation of services prior to their term completion will result in the full monthly price of the plan being charged for the duration of time you have been using the service.