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The doors to your office or store may not be open 24/7, so why not be online 24/7? Nowadays, 85% of Internet users are also Internet shoppers, according to a recent study conducted by Parade Magazine. When you consider there are roughly 1.8 Billion Internet users worldwide , how much potential business are you losing out on by not having a website? Even if you cannot sell your product or service online, in today's "instant access" age many consumers are looking online before even leaving the house. Furthermore, with the rising popularity of SmartPhones, consumers can even look up your competitors on the go. So will they find you? Do you have an online presence?

With Nucleus, you can check off all those boxes with just one call. Nucleus can register your own domain for you if you don't already have one reserved. Nucleus can design and develop your website from the ground up, or we can look at giving your current website a refreshing facelift. Nucleus can design your website to reach your targeted audience. Complement this with one of our Web Site Hosting packages starting at just $24.95 per month and you can give your business a home online.

Existing Web Hosting Customers should also be aware that Nucleus has invested in some state of the art new server hardware. These servers are being deployed to host all of our existing and new web customers. These new servers have both a Windows and Linux platform, and are very powerful and versatile.

The software underneath your websites is a Plesk Panel. This software package allows our users much greater control over their domains, and the associated components. You can now control your own E-mail, FTP, DNS and many other items and features, right from inside your own personalized control panel environment. These features can be accessed via web interface by going to Below are some examples of the things you can do:

You can install a wide variety of applications to make your website more powerful and user friendly. You can choose to install a great number of them directly from your control panel in the applications tab. Some examples would be Joomla and Wordpress, Drupal, phpBB.

Email Setup:
In your control panel, under the mail tab, you can create, delete, and change the password for any user up to your plan maximum number of email accounts. Also from this tab, you can easily see how much space you have for each box, and how much is being used currently. There are also links for how to set them up in your email programs, as well as a direct link to webmail.

Also, you now have 2 choices for webmail on the new servers. You can use Horde or atMail.

To change between the 2, go to your mail tab, Select 'Change Settings' and in the middle of the new window is the option to change your email client. You can switch back and forth whenever you like, to test out the features.

Note: This change will be for all email users on your domain.

DNS Setup:
In the Websites & Domains tab, you can click on your 'DNS Settings' link. This lets you add, remove and change records associated with your domain.

Manage FTP:
Under the Websites & Domains tab, you can get to the FTP access section. This gives you access to the files of your website with the FTP Protocol.

Backup Manager:
Under the Websites & Domains tab you can configure backups of your websites. These tools let you backup and restore copies of your domain.

Account Tab:
With this tab, you can see the limit of your chosen accounts and see what you have available for use inside your control panel. For example you can view how many domains, e-mail boxes, default email size, and mailing lists you have.

Just as it sounds, this lets you monitor the Bandwidth traffic and storage space that your domains are using. This page provides easy to read bar graphs that can tell you at a glance the information you need.

Are you also looking to reach a mobile market? Look no further, we have solutions for you. Whether it's optimizing your website for a mobile browser or creating your very own iPhone, iPad, Android or BlackBerry App; Nucleus is your one stop shop for Everything Internet!

So why wait any longer? Give your business the tools you need to succeed in 2012 and call Nucleus today at 403-209-0000 Calgary, 780-413-1700 Edmonton or toll free at 1-888-NUCLEUS (682-5387) and get started with creating your virtual office, where the doors never close.

At Nucleus we are waiting for your call :)